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Costa Rica Adventures

Costa Rica Adventures - Here in Costa Rica we guarantee you all the excitement in the world, undiluted and unlimited. Sit on the edge of your of your seat, and fasten your seatbelts, your journey has begun.

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The never ending coast lines with all their splendor, the raging volcanoes, stunning rainforests and steep walls of the slopes of the hills are all on your way to the peaks of excitement, here is quite a handful of treats from this small yet beautiful country of Costa Rica.

In 2003, Costa Rica was declared the best destination worldwide for adventure tourism by Pacific Business News. Also in the same year, Adventure Site Explorer and National Geographic placed Costa Rica on a list of 10 best tourism destinations in the world.

One of the most popular forms of sporting activity in Costa Rica is adventure racing. In the early 90s this form gathered immense attention when in the early 90s the 2nd Raid Gauloises Expedition Race traveled across Costa Rica from Coast to Coast in an expedition race, which lasted for 10 days. The Coast to Coast Adventures in the last 15 years, since its inception, has organized adventure trips and adventures in this country, most of which have been functioning with enough considerations of safety, without cutting down on the excitement that is fetched on the truly rough and spectacular Costa Rican terrain. Adventure racers from all around the world flock to participate in the Coast to Coast challenge, or the basic flagship race. In 2006, the rugged stretch of 500 km saw on display all the racers biking, paddling, hiking and climbing their way to glory. All this, across the coasts of Costa Rica. The route varies from typical villages to remotest of Costa Rican suburbs.

Are you still wondering how to 'adventure' in Costa Rica? Well here is more…

In the dense rainforests quench your thirst for all the wildlife you expected to see ever, all the rarest birds and orchids, all those nesting sea turtles, are all for your eyes. Cross class V rivers in rafts. Walk in the Manual Antonio sanctuary. Take a shower in all those cascades of water under the best of waterfalls, stretch in the relaxing hot springs, be a witness to the raging active volcanoes spitting fireballs, paddle the boats across the jungle canals, all the excitement in the world is here for you with adventures in Costa Rica.

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